Dependents A Husband Must Do

Dependents A Husband Must Do – As a newly formed family, or in other words, a newly married couple. They will live a new life. Usually the wife’s obligations are the things that are most emphasized. Because the wife has many activities to do at home. But it’s not only the wife who has the obligation, as a husband it is the same. Here are the responsibilities that must be done by a husband

1. Sociable and Soft-spoken

Associating well here means that the husband should interact with his wife in a good and polite manner. Even though a husband acts as the head of the family, he should not distance himself from his wife.

Communicating gently and politely will also make the husband and wife relationship more harmonious.

2. Show affection
One of the obligations of a husband to his wife in Islam is to always show affection to his wife. Even though he is feeling angry, a husband is still required to behave well and show his affection. Rasulullah SAW did the same thing to his wife.

Women are centers of goodness and fully emotional beings. Its existence depends on love and affection.

He wants to be loved by others and the more the better. He sacrificed a lot of himself in search of popularity.

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This character is so strong in a woman that if she realizes no one loves her, then she considers herself a failure.

He became disappointed in himself and felt sad. Therefore, surely one can claim that the secret of a man who is successful in a happy married life is the expression of his love for his wife.

The secret of a happy marriage is an expression of the husband’s love for his wife.

If you want to conquer his heart, if your husband wants to make him obey his requests, if you want to strengthen the marriage, make the wife love and stay loyal to her husband, or always show affection to him and express love.

3. Be Roomy when Alone

A husband should have independence so that when his wife is not with him, he can serve himself well without complaining.

4. Forgive Your Wife When You Do Wrong

Forgiving someone is highly recommended. Therefore, a husband should forgive his wife’s mistakes and try to communicate well when solving problems.