Dependents of a Child at Home

Dependents of a Child at Home – It is not only a father and mother who have the right to carry out their responsibilities at home. A child also has an important role in adapting in the same house. In addition, children also have tasks that must be done to form harmony and complete family cooperation. Children are also the main happiness of the family.

They are valuable treasures, regardless of an obligation and rights that play an important role because of their presence in the world.

Dependents of a Child at Home

1. Always Learning
Learning is not only with teachers and friends at school. Learning can start from home and family itself. Learn from existing failures or from the simplest things. For example, learning to know what is good or not to do.

Learn to listen and learn to form a good attitude. Always doing the assignments given by the teachers at school, learning to get to know new things about the world or the surrounding environment that are useful.

2. Make the bed
This is the simplest way. Make your own bed and room first. Make the room neater by always cleaning and organizing it properly.

Not a comfortable family, but yourself. If you’re not used to getting started, try to wake up every morning and always remember the messy bed. Definitely not looking good and should be fixed soon. Making the bed is evidence of self-care for the immediate environment.

3. Take a shower
I wake up and take a shower, don’t forget to brush my teeth. The song always sounds fun and is a constant reminder to yourself. Take a shower at least twice a day with soap and shampoo to clean your hair. After that, don’t forget to brush your teeth with toothpaste and toothpaste.

After coming home from an activity or coming from outside, make sure to clean yourself first. In addition to making the body fragrant, diligent bathing will also make the body clean and healthy. Hair becomes healthy and thick, teeth become white and fragrant. Even though the holidays come, the habit of taking a bath every two days needs to be applied and always remembered.

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4. Eat
Eat, everyone needs food to meet physical needs. This duty is the simplest and not at all difficult to do. Parents are already working and doing everything they can to provide healthy food.

Eating is a simple obligation for children at home so that their nutrition is maintained. If parents also ask for food and drink, then give the best. Eating regularly and regularly will not make yourself lying sick.

5. Be Friendly
Being friendly with the home environment and the community is a pleasant obligation. With the friendly attitude that is served to the people around, they will also send a good impression back.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to praise or flatter them when it comes to a good deed. Just smiling and greeting them politely will make you even more memorable. This friendly attitude must be transmitted to the people around to create peace and harmony.