Dependents of a Child at Home

Dependents of a Child at Home – It is not only a father and mother who have the right to carry out their responsibilities at home. A child also has an important role in adapting in the same house. In addition, children also have tasks that must be done to form harmony and complete family cooperation. Children are also the main happiness of the family.

They are valuable treasures, regardless of an obligation and rights that play an important role because of their presence in the world.

Dependents of a Child at Home

1. Always Learning
Learning is not only with teachers and friends at school. Learning can start from home and family itself. Learn from existing failures or from the simplest things. For example, learning to know what is good or not to do.

Learn to listen and learn to form a good attitude. Always doing the assignments given by the teachers at school, learning to get to know new things about the world or the surrounding environment that are useful.

2. Make the bed
This is the simplest way. Make your own bed and room first. Make the room neater by always cleaning and organizing it properly.

Not a comfortable family, but yourself. If you’re not used to getting started, try to wake up every morning and always remember the messy bed. Definitely not looking good and should be fixed soon. Making the bed is evidence of self-care for the immediate environment.

3. Take a shower
I wake up and take a shower, don’t forget to brush my teeth. The song always sounds fun and is a constant reminder to yourself. Take a shower at least twice a day with soap and shampoo to clean your hair. After that, don’t forget to brush your teeth with toothpaste and toothpaste.

After coming home from an activity or coming from outside, make sure to clean yourself first. In addition to making the body fragrant, diligent bathing will also make the body clean and healthy. Hair becomes healthy and thick, teeth become white and fragrant. Even though the holidays come, the habit of taking a bath every two days needs to be applied and always remembered.

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4. Eat
Eat, everyone needs food to meet physical needs. This duty is the simplest and not at all difficult to do. Parents are already working and doing everything they can to provide healthy food.

Eating is a simple obligation for children at home so that their nutrition is maintained. If parents also ask for food and drink, then give the best. Eating regularly and regularly will not make yourself lying sick.

5. Be Friendly
Being friendly with the home environment and the community is a pleasant obligation. With the friendly attitude that is served to the people around, they will also send a good impression back.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to praise or flatter them when it comes to a good deed. Just smiling and greeting them politely will make you even more memorable. This friendly attitude must be transmitted to the people around to create peace and harmony.

How To Be Responsible For Life

How To Be Responsible For Life – In our life, there will be many things that will happen in the future. So that makes us have to be committed and responsible for life. Here’s how to be responsible for life

1. Stop making excuses for all the failures and mistakes in life.
The first step we need to take to be responsible is to stop making excuses for every failure we face. It is precisely the people who are always looking for excuses are the individuals who fail to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

When we make a mistake, accept the consequences. Don’t make excuses that someone influenced our actions or that someone has framed us so that failure just happens. Come on! Everyone has control over their own life. So if we make a mistake, it’s a sign we have to take responsibility for the mistake.

How To Be Responsible For Life
2. Believing that Our Lives are Wholly Our Responsibility.
The second way we need to do is realize and believe with all our heart that the life we ​​are living now is our full responsibility. Don’t you know comrades? In fact, people who want to take full responsibility for their lives will definitely feel happy because they are the only people who can control the life they are living.

These individuals will live a carefree life, without any influence from others and of course without any coercion from anyone. Why is that? Because every time they make a choice, these individuals will be aware of all the consequences they will get. So, long before they make a decision, they will think about the consequences carefully and be ready to deal with it.

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3. Believing that Every Decision We Make in Life is Important.
The third way that is no less important is to instill the mindset that “every decision I make now will greatly affect my life in the future”. Live as if every decision we make is very important, because it really is.

Every choice we make and every action we take will have a certain impact in the future, so we have to be careful and need to think things through with a mature mind. Well, these choices and decisions will also affect our career lives, friends. When we choose to be a productive and proactive employee, then we will receive the positive impact later. On the other hand, if we choose to be workers who are always lazy, don’t maintain integrity and like to lie, hmm… surely fellow readers will know for themselves what the impact will be, right? In essence, be careful in making choices and decisions in our lives. When we have chosen something, make sure that we are able to take responsibility for its impact.

4. Believing that Everything I Think Will Have a Great Impact on My Life.
“You are what you think”. Yep! There may be some truth to this saying, because we feel what we think we are. When we think that we are stupid, then the people around us will think so. Well, when we think that we are in control and the only person who has to take responsibility for everything that happens, then we will apply that thought to our lives.

So, try not to think negatively and blame others for the mistakes and failures that we are facing now. Believe that every decision and choice we make is something important. In addition, every positive thought that we think will really help us in facing every challenge that comes in life, so that no matter the circumstances, we are ready to accept risks and take responsibility.

Know Your Dependents As a Wife

Know Your Dependents As a Wife – As a married couple, of course, they have their respective obligations and responsibilities that must be done together. Not only husbands who have dependents on their wives, but wives also have several dependents that must be done

Wife’s Obligation to Husband

1. Obey your husband

This is the wife’s obligation to her husband. Wives are required to always obey their husbands except in matters that prohibit religious and/or decency rules.

For example, the wife must obey when her husband orders her to pray at the beginning of time, perform worship and carry out other obligations such as covering her genitals, and so on.

Even so, there are actually things we can talk about together. Because, the wife must ask permission from her husband regarding whatever he will do. For example, related to work, career, finance, family, education, and so on.

Know Your Dependents As a Wife

2. Sweet-faced and pleasing husband

The wife’s next obligation to her husband is to be sweet and pleasing to her husband. This order is specifically related to the psychology of women who are sometimes unstable, either due to biological or non-biological factors. For this reason, the wife’s obligation to other husbands is to be able to control and manage emotions as well as possible.

The purpose of this sweet-faced and pleasing husband can certainly be different based on the habits and patterns in a household. For a wife, pleasing her husband can be done by cooking his favorite food.

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3. Protecting Your Husband’s Property, Home, and Honor

The wife’s next obligation to her husband is to protect her husband’s property, house, and honor. It is also a principle that this is flexible according to the pattern that runs in a household. But generally, the wife is entrusted with the task of managing family finances.

4. Seeking Willingness and Avoiding Husband’s Anger

The wife’s next obligation to her husband is to seek approval and avoid the husband’s anger. The husband’s willingness is called a wife’s ticket to achieve happiness in the afterlife and get to heaven. Therefore, a wife should try as much as possible to get her husband’s approval.